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Boudoir photography is a creative and wonderful way to create the most romantic and unexpected gift and it’s also a beautiful and liberating way to see yourself in a whole new light. Our Boudoir portraits cover many different styles so that you can choose the look and feel of your personal shoot. We want you to feel comfortable and look truly fabulous.

Satin and Lace corset

So following on from years of experience in styling brides, photographing brides and with an absolute passion for all things beautiful, Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography was created.

Your photographs can be anything from sweet to sexy, sultry to suggestive but they are always Classy and Fabulous. We work with you using mood-boards and shoot ideas on the run up to your shoot so you get exactly the sort of gorgeous images you imagine.

Our brides can wear anything from designer lingerie to a simple man’s dress shirt….but always with a pair of killer heels.

shirt and heelsbd2_90corset blushblack heels

If you want to give your groom the most personal gift you could ever give him then why not get in touch for a chat with one of our team on 01494 678157 or click below to book an appointment.

Get Your Sexy On

Boudoir photography is often about feather boas or a huge bed sprinkled with rose petals but, I have to be honest and say that our style is so much classier than that. We do encourage you to bring along some personal items of lingerie or a suit jacket of his, but the photographs are essentially all about YOU and all about capturing your natural beauty.

We want you to leave having created photographs which you and your groom will adore forever. Even more romantic is that they have been captured just before the most magical day of your lives.

makeup120All our Boudoir shoots start with a professional hair and make-up session.This will make you feel gorgeous and get you into the glamorous zone for your photo shoot. We find a glass of bubbly with strawberries often helps when you are getting “gorgeous” and will make you relaxed and ready for the most fun and liberating experience.

Our photo session is designed personally around YOU. Our private Boudoir loft is located on the top floor of The Dressing Room at Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield. It’s sumptuous and has lots of flattering natural light which, without doubt,will help make your skin look amazingly soft and smooth.

With over a decade of professional photography experience we know that you will look your absolute best. Years of experience have taught us that the correct camera angles, along with some retouching, will enhance all your best features. You will be amazed at our spectacular results but, if you are not, we will retake your pictures free of charge.

We are proud to photograph only a select number of boudoir sessions per week; we are not a factory. We like to keep our business small, personal and friendly. Please understand if we can’t see you straight away, it really will be worth the wait.
We advise you book with us a a good few months before your wedding as it allows us to produce your new albums, posters, and prints in time for you to surprise your new husband  with his special gift, the morning of your wedding day.

Miss M (Buckinghamshire)


“Wow, what an amazing experience! I had a fantastic time on my shoot, I recommend everyone who is hesitant to have a go, and if you are not hesitant then book one quick because it will be even better than you think. The whole experience was very relaxing; Katie very quickly made me feel like a princess and, from my quick glances at some of the first images, look like one too. David and Katie listened to my ideas (using the Pinterest images “mood board” before the shoot really helped) and worked with them to ensure I came away with all the different looks that I wanted. The room was beautifully lit and combined with David’s fantastic attention to detail the images were superb.

I can’t wait to work with them again on my wedding day, in fact I am not sure what I am most excited about – that or seeing my groom’s face when I present him with his gift!

Working with the team at Ellie Sanderson has been great, they are all true professionals. Each of my experiences had made me feel it was about me and my day – not business. Thank goodness I popped in that morning!”

Miss M (Buckinghamshire)
Miss S (Buckinghamshire)


“I had considered doing a boudoir shoot before but never had the confidence to do it. I finally plucked up the courage and I have to say I’m so pleased I did!! My partner loved the photos and I’m very proud of them (they came out better than I could have ever imagined). David was great he knew actually the look and feel that I wanted from my shoot. I would recommend the experience to anyone who has thought about doing it – visit these guys!”

Miss S (Buckinghamshire)
Miss Y (Oxfordshire)


“A huge thank you David for all of the hard work, expertise, and creativity that went into my photos from the moment the camera first clicked. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and really started enjoying myself as soon as hair and make up began- It really does make all the difference, I’ve never felt so amazing and confident in myself! I felt totally in control, yet you encouraged me with your expertise and creative flair on what would look the best in photos- and wow did they look amazing! Although this was a Valentines present for my husband-to-be, I feel it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I  would absolutely recommend your boudoir experience to any woman wanting to feel the best she has ever felt!”

Miss Y (Oxfordshire)