Meet the Team

Ellie Sanderson, Oxford


Lauren, Assistant Manager and Social Media guru


Lauren has been with Ellie for a year and a half now but she is no newcomer to Bridal she has worked in some great bridal studios across the UK.

Lauren manages Oxford when Andrea is off and also manages customer engagement with out social media platforms, yes she is the elusive blogger and sends out our monthly news letter crammed full of bridal lovlieness.

A self confessed princess and lover of expensive and fabulous pieces she can often be found modelling our latest collection. Choose Lauren for your stylist if you are looking for someone who is confident, bold, a lover of fashion and who will push your boundaries. She is our very own in house Fashionista.



Lauren is too in love with her man to possibly comment!


Chocolate, shoes, new hairstyles, bright colours, sparkly things and healthy food.


Andrea, Store Manager


Andrea is the main Boss Lady ( store manager) in Oxford and has an avid following of brides who simply adore her calm and knowledgeable approach.  She is first in every day and last out every night, she is also partial to bossing Ellie around especially if she dares touch any of her admin!

Andrea is known for her tidiness and ever so slightly ‘control freak’ nature. We can forgive her, however, as it’s all wrapped around a heart of gold. Our brides utterly love her honest approach and her genuine motherly care for each and every one of them. She is no newcomer to the Bridal Industry and knows more than anyone about each and every designer and dress we sell.


Choose Andrea as your stylist if you want someone who can guide you gently, who has a classical style and bags of knowledge for creating “one off “dresses.



Dream Groom

Andrea would only confirm her husband but when we pushed she buckled and giggled Gary Barlow. Terry looks like you are going to be traded in.

Guilty Secret

She won’t tell us but we reckon its Terrys Chocolate Orange.


Jenna, Sales Consultant


Jenna joined us a few years ago now and during her interview calmly managed a small shop crisis like a true professional. Job offered on the spot, we absolutely love her. Training to be a mid-wife during the week and working with us at the weekend is no mean feat. Personally I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to either role. Jenna is calm, kind and totally lovely. She has a super knowledge of all things wedding and knows our collection like the back of her hand.

Jenna is also one of the authors for the Ellie Sanderson blog and when she is not delivering babies, helping brides then she can be found writing articles for the Ellie Sanderson blog. What a girl!

Dream Groom

Johnny Wilkinson – YUM

Guilty Secret

A very healthy blend of Red wine and Dark Chocolate.



The City of Spires

Andrea and her gang look forward to welcoming you to our Oxford studio.

Just give us a call or send us an appointment request so that we can organise your appointment today.

History and literature

Why not make a day of it and lunch at The Ashmolean Museum or the famous Browns of Oxford? Or perhaps enjoy a posh afternoon tea at The Randolph. We are minutes from the station and our location is right next door to bars and great restaurants like Carluccios – perfect for a day out.

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