Fitting your gown

Why a professional fitting service is important to Ellie Sanderson.

The team at Ellie Sanderson are a little obsessive about your dress fittings. They firmly believe that your dress has to be fitted to perfection and that’s why they call in the professionals.

Ellie and her staff work with you to ensure that your fittings are booked months in advance as we appreciate how incredibly busy you are in the run up to your wedding. Late night fittings are the very least we can offer our brides, alongside bucket loads of encouragement and, of course, hugs and tissues for if it all gets a little too much.

Ellie’s team will introduce you to our professional seamstresses who will explain what needs to be done to make your gown a perfect fit. They will give you an approximate cost for the work at this stage and ask you to sign terms and conditions to enable them to conduct the work on your dress.


Your fitting appointment usually takes about 20-30 minutes and we respectfully ask that you arrive on time. It’s tricky if you’re late as you will run into another bride’s appointment.

Your first fitting is generally 8-10 weeks before your wedding with your second being 2-4 weeks before your wedding. There is often a final check fit just before the wedding too. At your first fitting the dressmakers will concentrate on the corset of the dress to ensure it’s a perfect fit. Then, at the second fitting, they will work on your hems.

Remember that all dresses have to be fitted to ensure that they are perfect.

At your second fitting or your final collection appointment, we will show one of the wedding party how to assist you into your dress so don’t forget to plan this with your friends or mother.

It’s also a good idea to keep guest numbers to a minimum to ensure that the dressmakers can concentrate and that you have a valuable fitting appointment.

Some made to measure dresses will have a calico and this fitting is approximately 3- 4 months before the wedding, you will be advised when you purchase your dress if you are having a calico. The rest of your fittings will be as above.


Preparing for your fitting appointments

You will need to bring your wedding shoes and your bra to the first and all subsequent fittings. If you are not sure if you need to wear a bra, give the girls at Ellie’s a call and they will talk this through with you.

Many of the dresses are corseted so you may not need to wear a bra at all, but the team will advise you personally as every bride’s figure and requirements are individual.

We ask that you be sparing with make-up on fitting days and please, no fake tan. You don’t want to run the risk of getting your dress dirty before you even get to the aisle.

If you have a bias cut or close fitting gown it’s a good idea to bring your undies with you to check for VPL and remember that nude underwear without texture or embellishment is best, it’s not sexy but its not seen.

Collecting your Gown

Your dress will be perfectly pressed, steamed and prepared for you along with all your items such as veils and jackets. Everything will be lovingly presented to you and beautifully tissue wrapped in a dress bag. Ellie or one of her girls will carry your dress out to the car as their final job ensuring safe onward transit for the big day.

If you are travelling abroad you may wish to buy a travel box. Once again the team will prepare your gown and fold it with care and tissues into the box. These boxes are available in lots of wonderful colours to store your most precious cargo.

Finally, after your wedding we recommend cleaning your dress as soon as possible. This means that those inevitable marks will stand a good chance of being removed. We will give you the details of our recommended cleaning company.