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Honeymoon Tick-list | 10 Travel Tips


It’s very easy to get so lost in the wedding planning that you totally neglect your honeymoon! With lots of brides planning a mini-moon after the wedding and waiting a year for the trip of a lifetime, sometimes that’s okay to lose focus a bit. But if you’re planning to travel somewhere exotic straight after the wedding, remember to prepare for that too! We’ve assumed you have flights and hotels sorted, but here some other things you want to make sure not to miss.

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6 Months To Go..

  • Make some reservations. That once in a lifetime meal at the restaurant to die for will be fully booked if you leave it any longer. Call them today!
  • Plan your itinerary. But don’t pack it too full! You’ll be exhausted after the wedding. It’s a good time to organise trips or activities, you’ve left plenty of time to sort out anything extra you might need.
  • Check your passport and visas. Some destinations will require your passport to be valid for up to 6 months after you travel home in order to issue a visa. If you’re changing your name, make sure the name on your tickets and your passports match! It’s an easy thing to forget!
  • Ask your GP if you need any vaccines or anti-malaria medications. Sometimes there’s a course of treatment that takes a while so best sorted out early.

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3 Months To Go..

  • Have a ‘practice’ pack. You might find out you need to go shopping! Chuck out the old, tired looking bikini. You’re going to want to take lots of photos on your honeymoon so your outfits need to be on point!
  • Add things to your gift list. Why not ask your guests for some gorgeous new luggage? But speaking of the gift list, you need to make sure your registry won’t be delivering any gifts whilst you’re off on honeymoon!
  • Make arrangements for whilst you’re away. That might mean sending the children to their grandparents, putting your pets in kennels or just making sure a neighbour can water the plants.

1 Month To Go..

  • Get your documents together. Print hard-copies of your boarding pass, insurance documents, visas etc. Even if you have electronic copies, you’d be pretty unpopular if you and your partner missed your flight because your battery died!
  • Delegate the after-wedding clean up. Make sure your mum knows to send your dress to Terrington Burchett for you. You’ll be too busy on your honeymoon to worry about that!


Have we missed anything? Let us know your best travel tip!


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