Isn’t it always the small details that manage to eat up hours of time when you’re planning a wedding? Wedding favours can turn into such a headache! Of course you want it to be personal and memorable and unique but sometimes it’s so easy to lose track of the big picture!

I bet you’ve had chocolates as a wedding favour before. I bet you’ve had pick and mix sweets. They’re perfectly lovely but at Ellie Sanderson we like things that are a bit different!

table setting

10 Fresh Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. Polaroid for the table. A nice twist on the disposable camera because your guests can take a few snaps home with them!
  2. Wedding speech bingo. Make sure to include ‘So Proud’ and ‘how lucky’, and have a great prize ready!
  3. Drinks. Pour everyone a shot or bonus points if you plan ahead and make your own sloe gin.
  4. Heelstoppers or flipflops for the girls.
  5. Sparklers, most effective when paired with the Polaroid for some fun photos!
  6. Lego is a great icebreaker on tables where guests don’t know each other. Remember a have a prize for the table who makes the best model.
  7. Lottery ticket. With any luck whoever wins it big will remember who got the tickets!
  8. Charity donations. Cancer Research UK have actually partnered up with both Suzanne Neville and Halfpenny London to design favours, so you match them to your dress!
  9. Customised paper fans, they come in very handy at a scorching summer wedding.
  10. Perfume or scented candles. Fragrance is known for invoking strong memories, and if you have a fragrance you’re using thought your wedding day, what could be a more personal favour!
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