4 days to go


Well life has moved on since my last bridzilla entry.
Its insane, I am now in the final stages and most things are beyond changing so I am not changing them, I am adding to them.
Last year we had Two veils Kate, Two shoes Sophie, Three hair combs Laura and I loved these girls but worried for there lack of decision making skills. I am delighted to let them know they are normal.
I think my duplilcation comes from owning a wedding shop that is full of shoes, veils , bags , jewellery and so on. Tonight as I said my farewells and handed over the reigns to Ruth I found myself scouring the shelves just incase there was a little something I needed. I skipped on the garter, missed out the earings I already have 4 pairs. I then painfully passed over the shoes and settled for just one thing that I had to have, an Umbrella, now the forecast is sunshine but its good to be prepared.

My gown was looking gorgeous too, another small nip at the boobies and I can bring her home, I have booked my collection at the boutique and I fully intend to pull up outside and honk my horn for attention. Cant wait.

I am not really sleeping and have this constant tightness in my chest which I know is anxiety. The only good part is loosing another 3 lbs. Thank god Ellie Sanderson does the fittings right at the last minute. Unlike most of our competitors.

I am running on empty and fully intend to spend tomorrow relaxing, Thurday a bit of shopping and packing for the surprise honeymoon and Friday all my family arrive from around the globe.

So keep looking and I will try to post a pic or two on line before we head off.


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