Loved buying my dress here.


I initially visited the Oxford branch & then arranged a second viewing of a dress I saw there & another one from the same designer at the Beaconsfield branch. The girls were so lovely, I shopped by myself & they could not have been more helpful. The shop is gorgeous & they really help you feel at home. I purchased my dress & got a great information pack on the next steps, soooo helpful. From there we booked in all my other appointments so I could plan around them.

All the fittings happen at the Dressing Room just up the road, again a gorgeous space. I bought a head piece and my veil from them after my accessorising appointment, again a great bonus visit to put the dress back on & just enjoy the process. The alterations I requested (adding cap sleeves to the lace top) were done expertly & the seamstress was amazing. I had lost quite a bit of weight so when my dress go here it was definitely too large so when I put it on I was thinking ‘oh God this doesn’t look like how I imagined AHHHH’. But the seamstress saw my face & said ‘look here’s the issue, what I’m going to do is this’ & pulled it all where it should be & it transformed. When I went back that was exactly what she’d done & I felt amazing. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience & would recommend them to anyone, wherever you live in the country. They are by far the best in Buckinghamshire.

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