This is me and my big brother just before he gave me away, check out my gorgeous SASSI HOLFORD coat. It was as light as a feather to wear and I felt so so elegant. I swooshed around all day, Thankyou to SASSI for her brilliance. The picture below is of me and my David a few hours after our marriage outside in the sunshine. My gown is a gorgeous lace creation by SASSI HOLFORD and my jewells on it are all Magpie Vintage which of course match my Magpie Vintage earings.
My shoes, well all I can say is that I tried most bridal shoes on that are on the market and worrying about wearing a heel that would be comfortable was a big thing for me. My gown had a split at the front which opened to reveal my shoes so I needed a gorgeous pair and thats what I found. Rachel Simpsons Mimis, affordable, comfortable, stunning and a real hint of vintage glamour. I wore them for 13 hours and not one blister and I cant wait to dye them black and wear them to parties, we now stock them so do have a look on Rachels website, I love em.
A huge thanks to all the girls at Ellies who were magnificent with me and my ever changing direction with hair, jewells and undies. Also a huge thanks to Pure Couture , Gill and Beverley who scultped that gown within an inch of its life, those girls are miracle workers and whilst I have seem them at work for years on my clients gowns, to be at their mercy with my own moved their brilliance to a different planet….the best without doubt!
Off to Malysia now, back in two weeks x x x

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