Its super easy to book a dress appointment with our live appointment diary.  You will have your own stylist throughout your consultation and our studios are then booked out for you and your guests to have fun, relax and find the “one”.

Be sure to let us know if you have a favourite dress that you really want to try. Also, make sure you book your appointment in the studio with your favourite dresses and designers.  Our dress collection is different in each studio. 

Our Beaconsfield collection is stylish and modern with a contemporary twist, whilst our Woodstock collection is more relaxed, with a chilled out boho vibe.


Just so you know, we will still be wearing our masks and ask you to do the same. We are a close contact and intimate business, serving brides that are days away from their wedding. We need to be super safe. Thank you for your understanding.

p.s. please let us know 48 hours ahead of your appointment time if you need to postpone or cancel. We will be happy to refund your appointment booking fee with this notice.


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