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Peak season is just around the corner, and if you’re one of the lucky girls tying the knot this summer, the chances are you’ll be in to see our lovely dressmakers for your fittings very soon. You’ll be in the safest of hands with Tanya in Beaconsfield and Claire in Oxford but make sure you’re fully briefed so your fittings go without a hitch!

You need your shoes for your fittings

Please. If you only take on thing away from this, then let it be this. Remember your shoes. The height and style of your shoes make such a huge difference to the fit of your dress. We really can’t start your fittings without them! If your want to wear heel stoppers on your wedding day (and why wouldn’t you, they’re brilliant!) then let us know so we can check the hem length with them on. It can make a slight difference.

silver wedding shoes

Bring some underwear options

Not all dresses require forward planning on the undies. If you’ve got a corseted dress with a full skirt, you can skip over this one. For the girls with a more figure hugging dress or those who want to wear a bra, make sure you bring a couple of options. We wrote a guide on our blog about undies which might be helpful before you go shopping. And if you’re wearing a garment you’re not used to wearing, such a stick on bra, please make sure you try it on a night out with plenty of time before your fittings to find another option if you’re not happy with the support!

Bride in lingerie

Finish your diet

We don’t mean eat an entire chocolate cake! It’s just time to stop shedding the pounds now. You need your weight to stay stable from now until your wedding. If you’ve lost even just an inch between your first and second fitting, whatever work we’ve already done will need doing again. It’s not good for the dress, or for your bank balance to have to do everything twice!

Organise the bridesmaids

Fittings nights can be busy, especially in summer, so please don’t bring the entire bride tribe! You need to decide who you want to get you dress on the big day and invite her along. Mum might be a bit emotional on the morning of your wedding, so ask your most serene, level headed maid. ┬áThe ‘dressers’ need to come to the final fitting so we can demonstrate how to put your dress on perfectly and how to arrange your train and bustle. If your girls can’t make it, bring your phone or table so we can film the process.

bride getting ready for her wedding

Plan the dress’s journey home

For weddings abroad, ask us about a hand-luggage size travel box. We can even order it to match the colour scheme of your wedding! If you’ve got a fuller skirt, your dress might need another steam when you unpack it at your venue, so be sure to get that arranged. Brides who are getting married more locally just need to make sure the back seats of their car are clear. If you’ve got quite a full skirt you need to get a duvet cover to transport your dress. Squashing it up in our dress bags could cause creasing.


No such thing as a silly question

If anything is unclear, if you’re worried about anything or if you want to just have a chat about your fittings, any of the girls will be happy to speak to you. Call Oxford on 01865 558 444 or Beaconsfield on 01494 674 440






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