Niamh Meacham
Here is our full of life, hand clapping, jumping in the air and squealing Niamh. Oh yes, her fittings were action packed, she was impossible to hold still, kept clapping her hands and no wonder. Look at her, every inch a princess. Niamh wore a gorgeous SASSI HOLFORD gown and a glorious full length veil. I would bet those church doors opened and she ran down that aisle!!
Many congratulations guys,

Nikki Grundon,
Nikki wont mind me telling you that she was half the woman she was when I first met her.I remember her telling me she was going to loose weight, as most girls do, but this girl meant business!! She was on my at risk register for a good few months!
All was well, our fabulous seamstresses had her nipped and tucked before she knew it.
Here she is in her tiny AUGUSTA JONES gown and she looks amazing. I had the honour of dressing Nikki on her wedding day and made a total fool of myself by crying when she was all ready and picked up her bouquet. There is something about the half hour before the ceremony that is the most magical time for all girls. The anticipation, knowing you look fabulous and dying to see your grooms face when you walk in.
I am sure he was gobsmacked! Congratulations to you both – Ellie and co.

Victoria Smith

Our elegant and stunning Victoria married in a pure silk, full skirted SASSI HOLFORD gown. We had a lot of fun at Toras trying on sessions as she was stuck on two gowns and both her mum and I didnt want to influence. So, without further ado her lovely Welsh Grandma was brought all the way up to Beaconsfield to help with the final decision on Toras gown!

And what fun we had, we did laugh, she was so honest but spot on. We all felt that this was the ‘ONE’ but only Granma could say it! and boy did she.
Anyway, Tora had a true sunny day for her wedding and dont you just love her hair, all swept in soft curls to one side with some flowers, very on trend indeed with her veil worn softly at the back. You look fabulous. Many Congratulations to you both and say hi to Granny ! she can have a job here anyday.

Laura Strutt

We are always so excited to get photographs of our brides, it is just fabulous to see them, hair done, make up done, beaming in their gowns and we finally get to see the lucky groom.

Here is our Lovely Laura, who married in a stunning Kate Sherford gown called Louisa. Laura personalised her gown with a lovely little shrug with lots of extra little crystals to match her dress. No wonder her husband couldn`t keep his hands off her.
Laura was another of our ever shrinking brides and ended up with the tiniest waist ever, which looks just brilliant in the cut of this gown.

Many happy years to come to you both.

Ellie and co.x
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