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Boudoir photography is a creative and wonderful way to create the most romantic and unexpected gift and it’s also a beautiful and liberating way to see yourself in a whole new light. Our Boudoir portraits cover many different styles so that you can choose the look and feel of your personal shoot. We want you to feel comfortable and look truly fabulous.

So following on from years of experience in styling brides, photographing brides and with an absolute passion for all things beautiful, Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography was created.

Your photographs can be anything from sweet to sexy, sultry to suggestive but they are always Classy and Fabulous. We work with you using mood-boards and shoot ideas on the run up to your shoot so you get exactly the sort of gorgeous images you imagine.

Our brides can wear anything from designer lingerie to a simple man’s dress shirt….but always with a pair of killer heels.

Get your sexy on…

Our photo session is designed personally around YOU. We use a selection of local private, peaceful locations for the boudoir shoots all of which have lots of flattering natural light which, without doubt,will help make your skin look amazingly soft and smooth.

With over a decade of professional photography experience we know that you will look your absolute best. Years of experience have taught us that the correct camera angles, along with some retouching, will enhance all your best features. You will be amazed at our spectacular results but, if you are not, we will retake your pictures free of charge.

We are proud to photograph only a select number of boudoir sessions per week; we are not a factory. We like to keep our business small, personal and friendly. Please understand if we can’t see you straight away, it really will be worth the wait.
We advise you book with us a a good few months before your wedding as it allows us to produce your new albums, posters, and prints in time for you to surprise your new husband  with his special gift, the morning of your wedding day.



The room was beautifully lit and combined with David’s fantastic attention to detail the images were superb. I can’t wait to work with them again on my wedding day, in fact I am not sure what I am most excited about – that or seeing my groom’s face when I present him with his gift!

If you want to give your groom the most personal gift you could ever give him then why not get in touch for a chat with one of our team on 07507 275345  or click below to book an appointment.

Our safety protocols

  • The Boutique will be thoroughly deep cleaned prior to your arrival, all touch points will be disinfected. We will have ensured every single dress is steamed and fresh.
  • We will temperature check you and your guest when you arrive at the studio,  I promise this is not intrusive and takes two seconds – it is necessary though, we will also do ours.
  • We have a small one page summary for you to read and agree to, this is just setting out our protocols and your acceptance of those.
  • We will have full social distancing measures in place during the  consultation - don't worry we will show you what to do and where to sit.
  • You will be the only bride in the studio with one stylist and the studio will be closed to the public.
  •  We will be wearing face masks and gloves and ask you and your guest to do the same.  We will provide disposable ones for you both.
  • We will provide you with endless hand sanitiser but feel free to use your own. 
  • Your guest, be it mum or your best friend will help you into your dresses so choose wisely. Make sure you choose someone that you are comfortable standing in your knickers with ! When we help you with a dress, we will add a protective visor and we will assist from behind and avoid close face to face contact.

Finally we have a sexy new way of connecting to your bridesmaids and the family that cant join you. That way no one misses out on your special moment.

We cant wait to meet you and we promise,  you will get our usual award winning service. (cue the giant list of awards below) 

 Ellie x 


Congratulations on your engagement and thank you so much for choosing us to help you find the dress of your life!

Things have changed for us all recently and my first priority in both boutiques is everyones' safety. 

Our "old" normal appointment is replaced with the "new" normal appointment. Not that any appointment here is remotely normal. They are always fun, glamorous, enjoyable with lots of laughter and sometimes tears.

We do however want everyone to feel safe. Our normal award winning client care has just notched up a gear. You will now be the only bride in the boutique with one of us for your entire appointment. The whole place just for you!

We have put in place a set of protocols using the Government guideline. We will adhere to these 100% and ask you to do the same.