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Perfect Pairings | Flowers To Compliment Your Dress


You’ve chosen your perfect dress, and you just can’t wait to show it off to everyone on your wedding day! You’ve carefully curated the perfect accessories to compliment the shape, fabric and style of your dress. You’re almost ready to go, but there’s just one more accessory you need to nail before heading down the aisle. Your bouquet.

If you’re anything like most of the brides we meet then bouquets are something that you’ve only really thought about it passing. Sure, you love having fresh flowers in the house, who doesn’t? But as soon as it comes to figuring out what’s going to be right for your venue, your dress, the time of year, well it’s another language!

Let’s start off nice and easy by looking at three of the most popular bouquet styles.

The Classic Posy

posy bouquet

The posy bouquet is neat and rounded. ¬†If you’re planning to toss your bouquet this is by far the best candidate and some brides even have a small posy made up especially for tossing!

The posy bouquet looks beautiful with a timeless a-line or ballgown dress. If you’re going for an unfussy, polished and sophisticated feel with your outfit, then you can’t go far wrong with the classic posy.

Sassi Holford and Augusta Jones brides, this could be a great bouquet for you to consider! Perfect if you’re wearing a clean a-line like Autumn.

Autumn by Sassi Holford

The Romantic Hand-Tied

hand tied bouquet

The hand-tied bouquet has the look of being swept up from a meadow of wildflowers as dawn is breaking. Hello Halfpenny London and Claire Pettibone brides, this one’s for you!

The hand-tied bouquet is informal, relaxed and can be very boho. Particularly if you choose a mix of flowers and plenty of foliage.

If you’re going all in for the grown-in-your-backgarden feel, make sure to read of blog on what flowers will be in season for your wedding.

The Showstopping Cascade

cascade bouquet

See also ‘waterfall’ or ‘pageant’. What we’re talking about here is a bouquet that you rest across your arm with the flower heads sitting at your elbow. With this bouquet you want to make a statement. So the bigger the better!

A cascade would really finish off a dramatic and sexy fishtail style. Olvi’s brides with their statement backs and striking trains would be devastatingly glamorous paired with a cascade bouquet!

Our Favourite Florist

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