Wow how many times a day do I discuss bridal lingerie?? We all know a great bra can make us look so much better, but It has to be said that very few girls wear the correct size bra.

infact 80% of all British women are wearing the wrong bra. Even if the bra is the right size most women don’t have it fastened correctly or don’t even think to adjust the straps before they wear it.. I am often heard saying “bras are worn not to keep your boobies warm” they are supposed to support them!!

So I thought it would be useful to post a few recommended styles that will work under most bridal gowns.

All of our gowns have corsets and if you are a small busted girl you may choose not to wear a bra, however a bra will give you more shape and a little bit of miracle padding can transform your silhouette. As for larger busted girls it goes without saying that the bigger the bust the bigger the support even if a gown is corseted. A corset will hold you in, a bra will hold you up.

I have attached a few links to some great styles so that you can get a good idea on whats out there. (follow the link) Figleaves the bra in this picture is a big favourite, it has good ratings and is really comfortable. Its not too heavily embellished too which makes it a good choice. It has a good side support and if there is a down point, it is that it may be to highly cut if your gown has a low cut neckline.

The style in this link is good for small busted girls that need a plain bra, Again it has good ratings, is so so comfortable and is a great unobtrusive colour and style. Figleaves (follow the link) and if you are able to wear something a bit more Lacy have a look at this one, again great for small busted girls. Figleaves (again follow the link)

This link is for bigger busted girls who need support, Its a really pretty Rigby and Peller bra and although its not cheap it gives a great shape to your bust. I would only recommend this under a gown that is corseted and fully lined or you may get a flash of the lace. Figleaves (follow the link)

I have also attached a link for a plain bra for a big busted girl, great support at the side and a great shape take a look Figleaves.

Obviously most of these bras are available on the High St, but I do tend to find figleaves good value but do shop around. I hope this has been useful and as always if you get stuck give myself or one of the girls a call, we can always advise you. We know you and your gown intimately!


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