Bridal MakeUp: A Focus on The Eyes


When brides ask about their make up most of them want their eyes to be the main focus of their wedding day make up. Your eye make up can be made dramatic without using dark heavy colours. Using the correct eyeshadow technique and colour will enhance your own iris colour and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Eye Care
Look after your eyes. Use an eye cream daily. Spread one dot of eye cream between your two ring fingers and lightly pat around the eye area. Do this twice a day after cleansing and before moisturising. Avoid putting moisturiser around the eye area so as not to cause any puffiness. Only use products made for the eye area around your eyes.

Smokey eyes can be created with any colours and it doesn’t have to be black as the main colour. You can choose any colours that will enhance your own eye colour to make them appear bigger and brighter. Autumn colours suit most skin tones and are available from the palest cream shade right through to a dark chocolate brown. Avoid shimmery and glittery eyeshadows because they appear as white dots in flash photography.

Eyebrows are the most important feature of making your eyes stand out. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped at least 2 days before the wedding to allow enough time for the redness to go down. Adding a touch of colour to your brows can be done with a tint, a powder, brow gel or a brow pencil. Highlighting your brow bone with a neutral colour such as a pale pink or ivory will lift the brow and create the illusion of big eyes.

Long lashes can add some drama to the make up look too. They don’t have to be super long but natural strip lashes or lash clusters can look like your own lashes and make eyes appear bigger. Before you glue the lashes on, measure them correctly to fit the length of your eye so they look natural and not false. Choose demi wispie natural hair type lashes instead of plastic ones. Adding a fine line of eyeliner to the base of the top lashes can also give the illusion of longer lashes if you don’t want to wear lash strips.

Most brides opt for waterproof mascara on the day of the wedding for those tearful emotional moments. It’s great for weddings and lasts all day. Use an oily eye make up remover to take it off your lashes in the evening.

If you’re not sure of the final look on the day ask for professional advice from your make up artist.

Written by
Joyce Connor


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