After one visit to Ellie Sanderson in Oxford, our Spanish beauty Patricia was in love with all things Sassi Holford. She fell head over heels for Sassi Holford’s dresses, veils, jackets, and belts; in fact so much did she fall in love she simply couldn’t decide which combination she loved most!

What better answer than to meet Sassi Holford herself at  the Ellie Sanderson Sassi Holford Designer Day a few weeks later; the timing suggested it was just meant to be! Bethan and Paola were at the top of the shortlist, until Patricia tried on Tilly with the Paola Jacket and it was ‘almost’ perfect. Sassi and Patricia discussed different sashes until a bespoke idea was decided upon. Congratulations Patricia- we found it!!


Patricia and her soon to be Husband were married at the stunning University of Deusto in Bilbao (Northern Spain). The architecture and views add beautiful touches of Spanish culture to a traditionally English dressed bride. The balance works perfectly and we think Patricia’s wedding vision was beautiful.

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Patricia and her gorgeous new husband held their reception in a restaurant that had been converted from a XV century traditional Basque house. The traditional rugs, natural wooden beams, and fresh floral decor gave a warm, cosy, and thoroughly rustic feel to this stunning English-Spanish wedding.


We have bumped into Patricia and her new husband since the wedding and we must say the couple looked absolutely beaming- despite the fact they were on public transport in rush hour, and it was dark pre-6pm! This stunning couple were truly meant to be, and we were so thrilled to be a part of your journey Patricia!

A top tip from the Groom: “If we can help any future bride and groom to be, there is one piece of advice we can give. Try to enjoy all the planning – however stressful it might seem at the time, it all helps make sure that the day is as perfect as possible. We’re both surprised how much we miss it now it’s gone!”


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