“My Bridesmaid is Pregnant…Help!”


This week at Ellie Sanderson HQ we received an urgent cry for “HELP!” from a fabulous Ellie Sanderson bride who has just found out her bridesmaid is expecting a baby. The bride was honest and expressed mixed emotions; she was overly excited for her bridesmaid who had been trying for a while, and yet at the same time she was a tiny bit frustrated that things weren’t now going to be as planned.

The bride quickly decided to swap the long Hen weekend in Ibiza for a relaxing spa weekend in Bath (something she was secretly quite happy about herself) but she was now at a loss as to what her bridesmaid could wear on her wedding day! How on earth could she accommodate her pregnant bridesmaid, alongside a tall willowy seventeen year old, a bridesmaid who tearfully requested covered shoulders and nothing too fitted, and finally her Maid of Honour sister?  Two Bird Bridesmaid dresses, that is how! Each girl can keep her individual style, feel at her most comfortable and best, and yet they all blend together as a unit.


Blog Two Birds Group-shot

For uniformity; have your girls wrapped in the same style for the ceremony, and then let them jazz it up for the evening as you party the night away. No matter how they decide to tie the top, the skirt essentially remains the same.

Cut on an empire line, the skirt falls in pleats, flattering girls of any shape and size. The amount of fabric in the skirt allows room for a growing bump as the waistband sits above the tummy. Your bridesmaid won’t be able to predict how she is going to change shape, so choosing a Two Bird Bridesmaid dress where no alterations are needed is the perfect answer.

Two Birds Peacock-Short


Just remember, your bridesmaid will have a lot more on her mind now than just your wedding, so go easy on her when she forgets a hair appointment, or can’t remember the final invitation design. If she will be heavily pregnant on your wedding day, she may also not want to stand up for 30 minutes to an hour so have a seat saved for her at the front. You loved her enough to want her to be a bridesmaid, as she supports you through your wedding journey, just remember to be there for her too as she embarks on an exciting journey of her own.


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