At Ellie Sanderson, we’re incredibly proud of our homegrown designers. If you’ve bought your dress from us, the probability is that it’s by a British designer and what’s more, it was actually made in Britain.

There are so many benefits to choosing a British designer for your wedding dress. When designers are only down the road, they come and visit us! Suzanne Neville was with us last week, helping brides create their perfect dress. You can book your appointment with Sassi Holford for April 1st now. A British designer also won’t have to wait for the dress to be delivered from abroad, so we can normally offer a much quicker turn around time too.

And as much as we love them, there’s much much more to British designer fashion than wedding dresses. The world looks to us for graceful, chic and timeless styles. And we deliver!

Buy Now, Wear Forever

Invest in the best quality you can afford, and love wearing them year after year.

Sophie in Tolly McRae wrap

The Cashmere Sweater. A classic shape and colour is always a wardrobe staple. Pick a grey or ivory that flatters your skin tone. We have some gorgeous cashmere scarves by British designer Tolly McRae in our boutiques too.

The Trench Coat. Tan is the classic and will finish almost any outfit.

Wear Everywhere Boots. Ankle or knee boots are both so versatile, so just pick your favourite.

Great Sunglasses. They need to protect your eyes, as well as looking glam, so don’t scrimp.

The Biker Jacket. Alexander McQueen is the go-to British designer if you’re feeling fancy!

Never Be Without These

The foundation pieces for your wardrobe. Make sure you replace them before they look worn.

Bride in Iris by Halfpenny London

The Cami Top. Always best to have one in black, one in white and one spare. The Iris Cami by Halfpenny is an amazing, luxe option.

The White Shirt. The right accessories can take a white shirt from day to night.

Your Perfect Jeans. Buying denim is HARD! Get it wrong and they look terrible, and are so uncomfortable, so be ready to try on plenty before you find the perfect fit.

Black or Nude Pumps. British designer LK Bennett make the classic.

Well Fitting Underwear. This covers bras, pants and tights, and should not be overlooked.

Little Luxuries

You never know when you might be invited somewhere amazing. Be ready!

Bride in Sienna slip by Sassi Holford

Swimwear You Love To Wear. In whatever style you like, but it needs to fit beautifully.

The Slip Dress. You can take a slip dress from the most casual of days to the most glamorous of nights with just a few well chosen accessories. Sienna by Sassi Holford is one of our favourite slips.

A Well Stocked Makeup Bag. Invest in a make-up lessons and learn exactly what looks work for you. If you’ve not found your signature perfume yet, time to nail that too.

Party Shoes. You just need one great pair, make sure they’re sexy but comfortable.

Signature Jewellery. But surely it’s up to someone else to sort out jewellery for you?

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