Choosing A Wedding Make Up Style


The style of make up you choose will depend on how much make up you usually wear, if you have a theme for the wedding and what you want to emphasis or play down with your features. Most brides like to have their eyes as the feature.
If you choose a dark smokey eye you should choose a neutral lip. Brides who are choosing an era as their wedding style such as 1950’s usually have a red lip colour and an eyeliner flick to suit that theme. There are no strict rules though. It’s about what you feel comfortable with.

Hair and make up will depend on your age, skin tone, hair length and dress style. Any look can be adapted to fit the final look you would like to achieve. Hair pieces (extensions) can be added to give volume if you have short/fine hair. Natural false lashes can make small eyes appear larger and look realistic.

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Look at images of other brides in magazines and online. Do they have a look you like? Do they have the same/similar colouring to you? It’s good to choose a look that is achievable. Make up is about enhancing your beauty. It doesn’t need to be caked on but the effect of good make up will make the photos look amazing.

Think about the style of dress you are wearing for your wedding. Is it classic, vintage or modern? Your hair and make up should reflect the style of your overall look. Sleek dresses need sophistication and classic styling. Hair can be up or down. Make up should be classic to fit the overall look.


Lace bridal gowns can be matched to a Hollywood glamour look. Choose big waves in your hair, false lashes and a subtle smokey eye with a glossy lip. This look will ooze glamour but still look very sophisticated.

A flawless natural make up with autumn colours for eyeshadows works well for all skin tones. Hints of browns, corals, peaches and olive greens can be added without making too strong a statement if you want just a wash of colour on your eyes and lips.

As a make up artist I always ask the bride to describe her dress. This helps to give me an overall impression of how she feels about her dress and how she would want to look on her day. Your make up base should look like your not wearing it, but it will enhance the whole look on the day!

Written by Joyce Connor


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