What can I say, I was in meltdown today when the delivery man handed me a box from the USA.

I was hoping it would be our Claire Pettibone delivery but the box simply didn’t look big enough. It didn’t feel heavy enough either.

I noticed the POSTMARK on the box and felt faint as it was indeed my Claire Pettibone dresses. I didn’t know what to do first, open the box, call the brides on the waiting list  to see them. So I put the kettle on and opened them one by one and what a feast of gorgeous, pretty, fragile and gentle wedding dresses.


Clarie Pettibone

Una Healy Wears Claire Pettibone

Here is Una Healy in this weeks OK magazine wearing the gorgeous Claire Pettibone.

So if you want to look like a stunning celebrity or look simply different then give us a call to see this amazing collection of dresses.

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