Chosen by Kyha Wedding Dresses

Price Range

£2,500 - £4,500

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  • Standard Size
  • Split Size
Venice wedding dress by Chosen by Kyha

From this DESIGNER

Established in 2011, KYHA (nee One Day) evolved from Founder & Creative Director Kyha Scott’s personal experience as a bride. Tired of tulle and ball gowns, Kyha’s vision was to create collections that pushed the boundaries of bridal design and embodied her own modern aesthetic: sleek minimalism, innovatory detailing and flawless execution. Created for fashion-forward women unafraid to push the boundaries of tradition, Chosen by KYHA launched in 2016 based on demand for fashion house KYHA Studios’ bold and modern pieces.
Made for rule-breakers and trend-makers, Chosen by KYHA celebrates modern silhouettes, statement bespoke beading and ground-breaking twists on tradition.

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Defy Expectations On Your Wedding Day

These modern designs evolved from the founders own experience shopping for a wedding dress to compliment her unique style. Her response ushered in these bold bridal designs to challenge convention in an industry often constrained by tradition. The Chosen By Khya collection pushes the boundaries of bridal design with ground breaking twists on traditional expectations.

Inspired by extremes, Chosen By Khya offers an edgy collection of made to size and ready to wear wedding dresses. Designs that embody sleek minimalism and celebrate modern silhouettes. The collection blurs the lines between fashion and bridal couture ensuring those wearing these sensational dresses stand out as they stroll the red carpet or take that walk down the aisle.

Chosen By Khya Wedding Dresses At Ellie Sanderson’s Kidstock Bridal Boutique

Chosen By Khya create bold designs for daring brides looking to compliment their own unique style and personality. And Ellie Sanderson is very excited to bring the inspired Chosen By Khya collection of wedding dresses to her Woodstock boutique in Oxfordshire very soon.

Are you a fashion forward bride-to-be tired of tulle and ballgowns? Ellie Sanderson’s Woodstock bridal boutique has everything you need and more, visit us soon and check out the magnificent designs from Chosen By Khya.   

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