Eva Lendel Wedding Dresses

Price Range

£1,900 - £2,800

Dress Options

  • Standard Size
  • Split Size

From this DESIGNER

Eva Lendel launched in Lviv in the Ukraine in 2015, with the aim of creating and bringing something new and exclusive to the wedding fashion world. Eva Lendel has since grown to be a strong player in the industry, and the dresses still have the essence of being unique, fashion forward pieces, with a pinch of difference.

The brand sees an Eva Lendel bride as a modern woman who follows the latest fashion trends, likes to push boundaries, and can make original and innovative decisions. Charm, mystery, sensuality, romance – all these capture the Eva Lendel bride, who is looking for a dress that is a perfect mix of contemporary details and her own individual preferences and desires.

The desire to develop, create something extraordinary as well as the faith in Ukrainian business, certainly help the Eva Lendel team to move forward, evolve and present its name to the whole world. The unique designs and perfect details create a harmonious blend of classics and individuality. 

Eva Lendel is available to try in our Kiddington store.



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