Jesus Peiro Wedding Dresses

Price Range

£2,000 - £3,000

Dress Options

  • Standard Size
  • Split Size
  • Proportionate Cut

From this DESIGNER

Since it was founded in 1988, the JESUS PEIRO wedding dress brand has been exclusively devoted to dressing the most stylish of brides and is now internationally renowned as a specialist brand in bridalwear.

The JESUS PEIRO identity comprises many factors, all in perfect harmony. The sophistication of the line, the sumptuous interplay of volume and texture, the superb attention to detail, the care taken in hand finishing each dress, the exclusive adornments and an elegant and refined style all make up the identity of JESUS PEIRO.

Their philosophy couldn’t be simpler: a romantic, whimsical aesthetic, where quality is the number one priority from concept to collection. 

Each JESUS PEIRO collection, designed by Merche Segarra, is conceived for the woman who will settle for nothing but the best in terms of quality, who values both elegance and cutting edge, and who not only wishes but deserves to wear a bridal gown with its own identity. 

Jesus Peiro is available to try in our Beaconsfield store



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