Nouvelle Amsale Wedding Dresses

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£2000 - £3795


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For designer Amsale (Ahm-sah’-leh) Aberra, it all started with a single wedding dress: her own. Seeking a more modern silhouette for her 1985 nuptials, Ethiopian native Amsale found her options limited. She eschewed the overly ornate—on-trend in that era—and crafted her own pared-down design, elegant in its simplicity and quiet in its impact, featuring a distinct style that was modern and personal at once. Three decades later, her refined and modern aesthetic endures in a variety of collections – and Amsale herself is widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress.

Nouvelle Amsale is a true complement to the fashion-forward bride, taking its primary inspiration from the bride herself. 

We also have a small selection of their LWD collection, perfect for anyone wanting a short dress or jumpsuit as an addition or alternative to the traditional.

Nouevelle Amsale and LWD are available in our Beaconsfield store. 

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