Destination weddings: hints and tricks


With the weather in the UK as dodgy as ever, despite the recent uncharacteristic heat wave, many of our brides are now planning to get away from the grey skies and uncertain forecasts for some reliable sun across the globe. Destination weddings are on the increase, and with them come a whole different set of requirements and organisation issues for brides. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up from working with our destination brides.

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Wedding planners

When planning a destination wedding a wedding planner is a must, someone who knows the area, the suppliers, the weather, someone who knows who to call when the vintage Porsche breaks down on the way to the ceremony in the middle of the Tuscan countryside! For most couples their venue will have a planner as part of your package, but if you don’t or you’re not impressed with yours do some research and find someone recommended in the area!
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Transporting your dress

For most brides, it is more practical to buy your dress in the UK, so you can attend fittings in the weeks leading up to the wedding. This does however bring up the issue of transporting the dress to your dream location; it is really important that your dress is packed well and taken in cabin baggage…..never let it go in the hold, your knickers and shampoo ending up on a different continent to you is workable, your dress getting lost is not! Our boutiques sell beautiful travel boxes, the correct dimensions for cabin baggage, and the girls are all specially trained in packing gowns of all shapes and sizes carefully in acid free tissue to avoid discolouration and excess creases. You’d be surprised the size of skirt I’ve seen them get in one of those boxes! At the other end make sure you have a hand steamer at the ready, or if you’re not confident ensure your planner knows somewhere to take the dress to get steamed. The boxes also come in handy post wedding, as somewhere lovely to store your beautiful gown.

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If you are getting married in a sunny country i.e. anywhere but the UK(!) a sunburnt bride is never a good look, however greasy suncream and wedding dresses do not mix! We recommend using some of the all day suncream that is now on the market and apply at least two hours before you go anywhere near your dress. Make sure you or your helper wash their hands completely and it is fully soaked in before putting on your gown. Some suncreams have been known to turn white fabric yellow however so make sure you do your research, or the other option…stand in the shade!! It goes without saying girls, suncream from head to toe in the days leading up to the wedding and no strap marks please!

Enjoy yourself

This advice goes for all our brides; take some time out to enjoy your big day with your new hubby. Even if there are people missing who couldn’t make it abroad, you’ve got the most important person there! It’ll go by in a flash so enjoy yourself, don’t stress about the little details and have fun!

Love Ellie and the girls x



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