Now normally brides find their dream dress after just one or two appointments. If you’ve been to see us at Ellie Sanderson then you’ll already know that we have a lots of dresses. We even have the ability to make bespoke changes, so lots of brides find something just right on their very first visit.

But not always.

Every now and then a bride gets utterly confused, overwhelmed and well, stuck! We are delighted to have helped the very lovely Catherine find her dream dress a few weeks ago but she didn’t have an easy journey. Catherine has very kindly agreed to share her story with us, and give us her best tips for finding the perfect dress. (We’ve changed a few details, we can’t have you guessing what she’s wearing!)

outside the Oxford shop

Tell us about the dresses you tried!

I visited 14 shops, including Ellie Sanderson, and I must have tried on at least 75 dresses! The nearest shop I went to was in my home town but I travelled almost 70 miles alway for one shop! I always browsed online at collections in shops. If they had three or more dresses that I liked the look of then that was it, I booked myself an appointment. I ended up trying on dresses ranging in price from around £900 to around £9,000.

How did you decide?

I found myself stuck between two favourites. I bought my niece and my maid of honour to some of my appointments. They were very helpful, but I was on my own when I made my final decision. The reason I chose Ellie Sanderson for my dress is because I know I will be well looked after from beginning to end. You have an excellent reputation. Not only amongst your customers, several of which are my friends, but also with other bridal boutiques. I felt that from the moment I made my first appointment to finally purchasing the dress I have been well looked after by everyone!

Inside beaconsfield shop

Do you have any advice for struggling shoppers?

Start looking early, keep looking, don’t give up! Most importantly, it’s great to have an idea of what your preferred style is, but keep an open mind and be prepared to be adventurous. I was absolutely adamant that I will not have a strapless dress. It just would not look good on me. It took 60 dresses for me to realise that I was wrong. 75 dresses later I ended up with a strapless dress! I also however stayed true to what I wanted and to my personal style.

If you’re still searching for just the right dress, let us help you! Book your appointment in Oxford or Beaconsfield now.

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