Customising your dream dress.

At Ellie Sanderson we stock a superb range of designers, all of whom offer different services in terms of the sizing options for their dresses.

On our designer profiles you can see which services are offered by each brand.

Whichever service is required, we always make sure we offer you what we feel is best. We will always be transparent during your appointment on what the options are, and what we feel you need.

Our aim is always to make sure that your dress fits as near to your size when it arrives for your fittings. At this point you get to step into your new gown, get a real flutter of excitement, and let us make the finishing touches so that you step out in your dream dress on your special day.

Below is a breakdown of the key terminology, to help you understand the bridal jargon!

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Dress terms EXPLAINED

Jagger wedding dress by Chosen by KHYA
Jagger wedding dress by Chosen by KHYA

Dress terms EXPLAINED



Every designer we work with offers their dresses in standard sizes. We work this out by taking a set of measurements from you and comparing this to our designer’s size chart. Your dress will then be made to the nearest size to you. The dress will then be altered to your exact height and frame at your fittings.



Most of our designers can offer a split size. This is when you might be measuring one size on the bust, but a different size on the hips. If you find you often buy a different size top to bottom, you may need this service.

Designers do charge for this, as they have to merge patterns, but it means that the dress comes in as near to your size as possible, before being altered by the seamstress at fittings. Some designers are able to offer a three-way split – your stylist will talk you through this in your appointment.



This can cover a range of specialist sizing – examples being shortening or lengthening a bodice to ensure it sits correctly on your waist. It is also a great option for brides with a larger bust who might need additional support added to the structure of the dress.

Not all of our designers offer these services, and the charges are higher than that of a standard size due to complex pattern work.



This is the luxury end of our dress services and is only offered by selected designers.

A made to measure dress is made to your exact measurements and involves you additionally having a fitting where a mock-up of the dress is created by the designer. This is fitted to you, so that the pattern (which is made from this) is as exact as they can get.

This service is normally offered when someone is creating a bespoke dress, or a bride who may benefit from having a dress made to their measurements due to their shape.



Tell us about your wedding and we'll hand-select designers and dresses to help you find your perfect match.

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