Giselle – Beaconsfield

The Kelly Faetanini collection itself is very feminine and romantic with a modern twist featuring customisable beading, detachable necklines and special corsetry techniques.

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Giselle from Kelly Faetanini is like the rolling hills of the French countryside, Giselle features the most exquisite beaded embroidery you’ll ever see. Contrasting a simple silhouette with a dramatic train is my favorite aspect of this gown. You’ll feel like a A-list celebrity walking down the red carpet (ahem, I mean wedding aisle) to meet your prince in this dress!

Pure, striking elegance, Giselle’s beaded embroidery is perfectly placed and every detail was planned just right. Upon a closer look, the beading creates a stunning floral motif that looks like a work of art.

Coming very soon exclusively in the UK to Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutiques



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