Margo – Beaconsfield

The Kelly Faetanini collection itself is very feminine and romantic with a modern twist featuring customisable beading, detachable necklines and special corsetry techniques.

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Margo by Kelly Faetanini.

The thrill of this ball gown coarses through the bewitching icy blue at the bodice all the way down to exquisite ivory at the hem. Light as air, the delightful tulle skirt is perfect for twirling. Beaded floral patterns dance along the fitted bodice, giving this magnificent gown a unique showstopping twist.

This delicious dress is also available in Ivory or blush, with or without the hem edge, we have to be honest and say that she is one of our total favourites at the moment and secretly we know stuff – like ice blue is the new ivory don’t you know.

Available exclusively in the UK at Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutiques



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