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Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography exists for one reason. To make you feel incredible. Of course, your boudoir photo prints and albums make an absolutely glorious present to your significant other but on those days when then world is getting you down, they’re the perfect reminder that you are a GODDESS.

I’m so nervous!

Don’t worry, everybody is. You’ve probably never done a photoshoot of any type before, and you’ve almost certainly never done one in your pants! It’s only natural to worry about feeling vulnerable or self conscious, so we’ve planned every aspect of Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography around making you feel sexy, confident and empowered.

bridal boudoir shoot featuring one of our brides in lingerie smiling

Who will be at my boudoir photography shoot?

The Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography team is small but perfectly formed. Katie Reay Scott is in charge of hair and make-up and this girl really knows her stuff! Katie has been working with Ellie’s brides for years, both on boudoir shoots and on their wedding mornings, so we can’t think of anybody better to calm those nerves, put you at ease and give you a little boost! We love how Katie is always laughing and smiling, we can’t help but smile too whenever we see her.

The man behind the lens is David Bostock, our multi award winning photographer. David has been shooting our boudoir photography since day one and is a true professional in every sense of the word. He knows exactly the right pose and camera angle to bring out the vixen in you! David will talk you through every step of every shot, you’ll be a pro model in no time!

Do I have to bare all?

Absolutely not. This is your boudoir photography shoot, so you get the last word on what you want to wear, how you want to pose and what images we shoot. We will never ask you to wear anything or pose in any way that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

We suggest that you bring your favourite lingerie, some heels and few other bits and bobs to dress up in. Some girls like to bring their partner’s favourite jumper, jewellery, hats, all sorts! We love to get creative and inject a bit of your personality into your boudoir shoot. Some of our favourite images are suggestive rather than revealing, only giving a tiny bit away.

As well as discussing your outfits, we’ll discuss poses with you too. Sometimes our suggestions feel very odd, but look spectacular! You’ll never be pressured into a pose that doesn’t feel very ‘you’. The photos need to reflect your personality, something we will always respect.

boudoir client wearing cashmere jumper

What if I don’t like part of my body?

Let’s get one thing straight. You are perfect as you are. Every scar, mole and stretch mark is what makes you unique.

With that in mind, we’ve been working with women for years and we know that often, us girls have something we’re self conscious about!

We’ll chat with you to find out about your favourite features you want to show off and if there’s anything you’d rather we didn’t shoot. We can talk about the poses and angles we can use to make the most of your figure and how props and lighting are your friend! We will also talk to you about how we can retouch your photos, just incase there’s a scar, tattoo or even just a strap mark that you’d like us to magic away!

Okay, let’s do this! What happens next?

Well, if you book before 1st April 2017, you’ll get three 6X9 prints on us, that’s over £100 worth of freebies! Contact us at info@elliesandersonboudoir.co.uk or ask any of the girls in the boutiques.

We do our boudoir photography shoots in Beaconsfield, we’ve set up some beautiful rooms above The Outlet with heaps of natural light. When you arrive we’ll greet you with a bit of fizz and you can chat to Katie and David and share ideas about your boudoir shoot. It’s a great idea to make a Pinterest board of the kind of hair, makeup and images you like before hand, and in the run-up to you shoot we’re always there to answer any questions and offer any advice.

bride doing her boudoir shoot in black lingerie set

Thank you SO MUCH to all the beautiful women who have kindly allowed us to share their photos with you, and were very nervous when they arrived at their shoots! (Don’t worry, unless you tell us we can use your photos, you will have the only copy!) To get inspired and to pass the time until your boudoir shoot more quickly, find us on Facebook and Instagram 


Ellie & the girls xx


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