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10 Years of Ellie Sanderson Bridal | Wedding Anniversary Gifts


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Time flies when you’re having fun, and the past 10 years certainly have flown by! We can hardly believe that Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutiques will turn 10 years old this year! What better excuse to feel a little bit nostalgic and celebrate all the hundreds of beautiful brides we’ve had through our doors over the years. Watch this space for exciting 10th Anniversary news and events, but for now, here’s a run down of our favourite new twists on wedding anniversary gifts.

First Anniversary Paper

That’s easy. Boudoir Album! But if you’re one of our lucky brides with an even luckier groom who’ve already done one, how about a painting of your wedding venue or your first house together as one of your first wedding anniversary gifts.

Bride's boudoir album

Second Anniversary Cotton

It’s now been two years since your honeymoon, so you’re probably keen to get out and see the world again! It’s a bit of a tenuous link, but why not visit somewhere famous for cotton production? Egypt if you’re feeling fancy. Closer to home, some of Lancashire’s many cotton mills have been converted in stunningly beautiful hotels, perfect for a romantic escape.

Third Anniversary  Leather

You can make leather work for pretty much any gift you like – just put it in a leather case. A classic, but really excellent idea is to have a leather photo album printed. You could even plan ahead at your wedding and hold back some intimate photos of you getting ready for the leather anniversary album.

Fourth Anniversary Fruit

The ability to make French pastries is a skill that pretty much anybody would value. There are some amazing cooking courses at Le Manoir and River Cottage, but if you’re a total novice, Waitrose have several cooking schools where you can learn the basics.

Fifth Anniversary Wood

Adopting a tree, an acre of rainforest, even a whole woodland is such a beautiful way to celebrate your lives growing together. Oxford City Council or Rainforest Alliance are great places to start. Or you can take it a step further and plant your own! The Woodland Trust can tell you how to get started.

Sixth Anniversary Sugar

Subscription boxes are so popular at the moment, and we love them. The perfect sugary anniversary gift that keeps on giving, hamper subscriptions! Cocoa Runners and Hotel Chocolat do some brilliant looking ones for chocoholics.

table of cakes and chocolates

Seventh Anniversary Wool

Okay, this is a bit trickier to make romantic or unexpected, but we did manage to find something rather lovely if you don’t fancy a knitted jumper! The Wool Company run a blankets for the homeless scheme and The Big Knit from Age UK is working against fuel poverty. Maybe just for this year why don’t you donate your anniversary present to someone else?

Eighth Anniversary Bronze

There’s a plethora of gorgeous bronze jewellery, but we’d rather save that until silver and gold in a few year’s time. Probably better to interpret ‘bronze’ as an excuse to get an exceptional tan somewhere.

Ninth Anniversary Willow

There’s something very exciting and romantic about a picnic. How about filling a wicker hamper with the most indulgent treats you can find and vanishing away to a secluded spot for the afternoon?

Tenth Anniversary Tin

Is there not something a little bit more exciting than tin to mark 10 years together? If you’re the sentimental type, how about compiling a tin of your favourite memories from the past 10 years. Tickets from places you’ve been, something you wore on your wedding day, the key to your first house…

What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Or what are you hoping for? (We suggest you drop VERY heavy hints!)

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