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At Ellie Sanderson we love nothing more than helping our brides find the perfect dress. Our beautiful boutiques are designed to make you feel at home and our lovely stylists there to help you every step of the way, so all you need to do is focus on the dresses!!

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your Ellie Sanderson Consultation so you can make the most of your time with us.


The truly gorgeous Saskia by SASSI HOLFORD

The truly gorgeous Saskia by SASSI HOLFORD

What to expect from us

We offer a personal service at Ellie Sanderson, so one of our fully trained stylists will take care of you for the whole of your appointment. She will ask you about your ideas and experiences so far then take you through the collections, showing you all the dress gorgeousness and helping you along your journey!

How long will your appointment last?

90 minutes of beautiful dresses, bubbly and fun!

How many dresses can you try?

The key to trying on wedding dresses is to find the style and shape that makes you feel special, wether it be fishtail or ball gown, strapless or cap sleeves. If this is the beginning of your dress journey we encourage you to try on different styles to see what you like the best, from there we can narrow this down to the perfect dress for you. We normally have time to try about six or seven dresses during the appointment.

Who to bring?

Having a second opinion on your dress can be really helpful, and an emotional mum or bridesmaid can confirm what you were already feeling – that this is the one for you! However too many opinions can quickly become overwhelming, we ask brides to bring two or three guests as a maximum.

What underwear should you wear?

Undies are key, and a well fitting skin coloured pair is essential! Think Bridget Jones spanks style; they may not be attractive but can work wonders, unlike your favourite red and white flowery numbers from M&S! It is also good to consider wearing a strapless bra, even if you’re not planning on going strapless, black bra straps poking out underneath your perfect dress can really detract from the look!

If you have any more questions before your appointment feel free to call our girls in store, they are more than happy to help with any queries you may have.

And last but by no means least remember to relax, sip some bubbly and enjoy yourself.

A consultation at Ellie Sanderson is about us inspiring you to find your unique wedding day look. Great service is in our veins; the ES girls are intuitive and knowledgeable. It`s about using our skills with you and not on you, its about helping you find the perfect dress without compromise.


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