Okay, so just take a wee look at this gorgeous SASSI HOLFORD dress that graced the catwalk at the Designer wedding show in February 2011. Yes I did say February 2011 but you could be forgiven for thinking that she had just made it yesterday after the Royal Wedding. This is the wedding dress that SASSI HOLFORD made with Catherine Middleton in mind, how very very spot on is this style?

Sassi Holford also designed Autumn Kelly’s wedding dress two years back and without doubt she is a designer with ROYAL CREDENTIALS. I have also heard rumours in certain parts that the highly talented Miss HOLFORD may be designing Zara Philips wedding dress when she marries later this year. Lets face it she is clearly the Royal choice!
Personally I love Sassi Holford dresses for a whole other reason – she made mine too, so that puts me in great company!!!
To try any of the SASSI HOLFORD dresses, call us on 01494 674 440 for Beaconsfield store or 01865 558 444 for Oxford store
To try on the gorgeous dress above contact SASSI HOLFORD in London. This stunner is a London only couture range.
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