We are thrilled to have such good neighbours at our Oxford branch of Ellie Sanderson.

In fact, we have a wonderful shop called The Oxford Pantry where I can often be found wandering around trying to find new items for my kitchen which I didn’t know I needed until I found them! This wonderful shop is only a few doors up from Ellie Sanderson and, here is the best bit – they now offer a wonderful Wedding List service ( a few years too late for me, I hasten to add) How very exciting.

This award winning shop has a beautiful rustic appearance and is just jammed packed with gorgeous things! They have an old dresser full of Polish pottery, and great ranges of Sophie Allport, Thornback & Peel and Fenella Smith.  Their gorgeous white, Italian dinner service is perfectly complimented by the vibrantly coloured Gerbera design serving platters, lasagne dishes and the French glassware by La Rochere – your table would certainly be one to be envied by your friends!

As well as all the pretty things, their functional kitchen equipment is second to none, vintage scales, a whole range of GreenPan pans , Magimix, Chasseur and IOSHEN knives can all be found in the shop.

They also offer a Wedding List which works perfectly in conjunction with one at John Lewis or Debenhams, it will give you and your guests a great variation. With a simple and easy to use website you can get some gorgeous, quirky pieces for your home that will last you a lifetime!

The shop is open 7 days a week so pop in and take a look for yourselves!


 So, next time you are in with us, nip up and take a look. Or pop onto the website and get planning your website.


Ellie x

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