Have you found the perfect dress for your summer wedding? If you’re still looking for just the right one, then we have some very good news for you!

The Seaonsal Outlet

Ellie Sanderson Seasonal Outlet

Designer dresses at up to 70% off. What could be better? We’ve gathered together a collection of dresses from some of the most sought after designers in the world, ready to take home today. Since launching last spring, countless brides have found something beautiful and budget friendly in The Outlet, and our collection just keeps on growing.

How does it work?

Unlike in our Oxford & Beaconsfield boutiques, where you will pick a sample dress and order a new one, in The Outlet, you buy the dress you try on. This means you have to keep in mind the size of the dress, we can take them down by up to a dress size, but we can’t make them bigger. We can adjust the cups or the waist, but you won’t find a split size dress. You can’t get the dress with a different neckline, but your dressmaker might be able to customise a dress.

The Outlet is a quick, simple and fuss free way of finding a beautiful designer dress at a fraction of the price.

Suzanne Neville Picasso

Where do the dresses come from?

Ellie & the girls love to stay ahead of the trend and update the collections in the boutiques regularly, which means dresses that dresses need to go into The Outlet to make room for new ones. But don’t go thinking The Outlet is full of old, outdated styles. Actually, it’s almost entirely current collection, with even some 2017 styles!

We also have deals with several designers and have a few one-off pieces straight off the catwalk that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s an absolute treasure trove!

Great, what’s the process?

You’ll need to book your appointment so we can pair you with a stylist to help you explore the collection. She’ll talk to you about shapes and styles as well as what can be done in terms of fittings and customisations.

Once you’ve chosen your dress, you’ll need to pay and take her home right away, before someone else does! We can give you details of some brilliant local dressmakers if you need them and advise you not he best way to store your dress.

Book your appointment by contacting The Outlet online HERE or by calling 01494 678157.


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