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Well we are on countdown to opening Oxford, Ellie Sanderson and this is the best bit, all the gorgeous things that I have been buying have finally arrived. I can honestly say its like Christmas in there.

I have decided every day to pick out a favourite piece and today having unpacked Yarwood white jewellery I must start with them. Well one of the many pieces they do that I love. There are so many and its almost criminal to keep them till your big day.
So here is the stunning FERN TIARA COMB, its just divine and can be positioned in front of an up do with your veil behind. Its so versatile that you can take it out for the evening and wear it sexily to one side, it even works along the line of french pleat and if you really love your bridesmaids buy them one and they will love you right back!! It has diamante and pearl but can easily be made with crystals and pearls to match your gown.
We launch our collection of YARWOOD WHITE AT ELLIE SANDERSON on the 21st May, so if you fancy a little nosey, give us a call or drop us a line.
Tel – 01865 558444
We would be delighted to hear from you and add you to our mailing list of events and parties.
Ellie and the gang x


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