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I just had to write a few lines, therapy really as I discovered today that my wonderful new manager Nicola is a secret Bridezilla.
She is not engaged but does have a rather dashing boyfriend who I feel would make a perfect groom at some stage. (They just look right together, know what I mean?)There are no imediate plans for them to get hitched (sorry Ian if you are reading this), so it is rather odd to give this lovely girl the title of Bridezilla but my goodness she has earned it!

It all happened the week before we opened and to set the scene, Nicola and I were opening the boxes with all the stock for the new Ellie Sanderson in Oxford. She became totally gushy and excited and squealed when she saw a certain ALAN HANNAH gown, I was thrilled because you have to love your collection and it was so understandeable as this particular gown is rather gorgeous. However, she quickly moved her affection to a stunning SASSI HOLFORD gown, but felt she needed more sparkle. Then she moved on to a SUZANNE NEVILLE gown in pure silk. At the bridal buyers exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery she was almost over come with excitement, this was caused because her favourite Sassi Holford gown was now available with sparkle. Are you feeling a trend here?
Today when I mentioned how happy I was with the shop and how fabulous it is to see the windows changed so often ( she is now doing this every four hours!!) She mentioned that she had tried on a few gowns. With a little bit more probing it turns out that she is trying on the entrire collection between consultations. Again, I encourage this, infact I have been known to do the same. It helps us explain the fit and feel of the gown to our clients.( my excuse).

So, my thoughts are simple. Isnt it great to LOVE your work and if you are seeking your gown and happen to read this, do come on in, Nicola is the most professional non engaged Bridezilla you will ever meet!!! I reckon by Next Thursday she will have had all the gowns on and know their linings intimately. You will be in great hands, that is if you can get an appointment in between Nicolas trying on sessions!
Mind you and thinking back I had this very same issue with Ruth and Laura, who called me in horror a few months back as a bride wanted to buy a Magpie Vintage Necklace, It was there favourite piece and neither of them wanted to sell it. My actions here were simple, I sat them down and reminded them that we are a SHOP, you know a place where we sell things to girls who are getting married. Not sure it worked but they let this lovely girl have the necklace anyway.
Seriously, to book your appointment with our very own in house Bridzilla, contact us at Oxford on 01865 558444 or email us at oxford@elliesanderson.com.
Ellie x


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