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Over the last few years I have felt sad and a little despondent as I watch copy after copy of the glorious dresses I sell.

I have seen cheap rip offs made in China that can only hint or nod at some of the great labels we sell. Without doubt these dresses  have a look about them that lets me know they are copies. These dresses look similar but are made in cheap fabrics and trims and without doubt have neither the corsetry nor pattern skill that labels like Sassi Holford, Jenny Packham and Suzanne Neville have created incredible world fame from. Not just world fame but celebrity fame, society fame and much more.

I am proud to sell only the best and original and by doing that we can offer stunning on trend dresses ahead of the curve.

I work only with top designers that will agree to a big exclusivity area ensuring that their labels are not saturated on the market  place – this in turn means you can buy with confidence that your best friend won’t be wearing similar!

This year I have put my neck on the block and trawled the world from the USA to Barcelona and back London town to bring the hottest new labels  out there to our boutiques and boy oh boy are you in for a treat.

I have sole exclusivity in the home counties for Halfpenny London meaning that we will be the only retailer to have these dresses for miles around. We have the same with our other new label Jesus Peiro and Catherine Deane.

Its all exciting stuff for us, our price points remain focussed and start at £1350 and end around £3500, Our brides remain focussed and are girls who know they want something different and something special. Girls who understand style and fashion. Girls who want to look both individual and unique.

Me and the team at Ellie Sanderson stand proud to be the best, 15 times award winning and always looking forward for the next new thing to bring to you.

But don’t take my word for it, book a one to one consultation with one of my trained stylists and see the world of difference for your self.

In the meantime feast your eyes on these darling dresses – a small taste of whats to come and if you want to get ahead and be organised drop us an email and we will invite your to our launch party for our new labels as they arrive.

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These delicious dresses are by our new Spanish Label available in Beaconsfield – Jesus Peiro


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