Your expert wedding underwear guide!


Your expert wedding underwear guide!

Just to warn you, this post isn’t about gorgeous lacy things designed to seduce – sadly wedding underwear is often far from sexy!! Here are our top tips for ensuring you have a comfortable, supported and VPL free day in your Ellie Sanderson Dress.

  • Don’t try to match your dress, try to match your skin tone.  Think nude, nude and more nude; you essentially need to create a smooth canvas for your dress to float over.
  • Boob tape and sticky bras are an excellent option if you’re under a D cup. The key is to put them straight on after the shower. No lotions, perfumes, deodorants whatsoever. I know it’s tempting but you really don’t want your bra pinging off later.
  • If you’re bigger busted consider having a corset made for you if there isn’t one in the dress, they really do work wonders. There are a growing number of low back long line numbers that go up to bigger cup sizes, shop around on the internet and just keep trying.


  • Wonderbra, Ultimo and D’Mondaine are our favourites!
  • Lace, just say no. If you’re wearing anything bias cut or slinky, it WILL cling to the most minuscule detail. Pretty bows will be visible, cut them off. Save sexy for the honeymoon!
  • Consider alterations. If your bra is only just peeping over the neckline of your dress, we might be able to trim it down or stitch it in place.
  • Be prepared. You need your undies for your fittings so buy them in plenty of time. Lots of brides like to bring a few options to see what works best. Try buying knickers in your normal size and a size up, bigger knickers don’t dig in or bulge so much.
  • Do a test run. Make sure your bra is comfy and supportive enough to stay in place. If you’re wearing a backless, stick on bra, make sure it stays on!


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