This is a really tricky time for all of us and we will be here no matter what.

First thing’s first, let us know as soon as you know.  If you dress is due in or already with us you will need you to make your final payment as per your terms and conditions ( 12 weeks before the original date).  We will book a time for you to come and collect her. She will be lovingly wrapped and we will give you full instructions on storing her till your new wedding date.

As you know my studios are not HUGE places and we are simply unable to store dresses for more than a few weeks. 

What happens with your fittings.

We will still be here to organise your fittings and you will hear from our lovely Laura to organise these for you around your new date.

Please don’t panic as we have it all planned. Please also understand that 2021 is looking really busy so we are doing all we can to make sure you have times that suit.  This may not always be possible so please work with us on this one!

Finally, when your first fitting comes we will make sure its a celebration, you certainly deserve it after a long wait. 

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whaT'S Changed BECAUSE OF covid 19 ?


Me and my team are fully briefed with the necessary safety protocols.

  • The boutique will be cleaned before your arrival and we will observe the 2 metres distancing indoors, as advised. 
  • We will be wearing face masks and ask you and your two guests to do the same. We will provide you with endless hand sanitiser.
  • When its time to admire yourself we will step away and let you slip your mask off and take a good look at your total gorgeousness. 

Finally we have a fun new way of connecting to your bridesmaids and the family that can’t join you. That way no one misses out on your special moment.

We can’t wait to meet you and we promise,  you will get our usual award winning service.

Do you need to book an appointment?

100% , without an appointment we wont be able to see you, we plan weeks in advance so, please make sure you book first.

Do you charge for appointments?

As with all luxury Designer Boutiques we charge a consultation fee. We have had to increase this during the pandemic to ensure we we can offer as safe an environment as possible. Saturdays appointments are £35 and  weekday appointments are £20. All charges are refundable against your dress purchase. Remember you will have the undivided attention of me or my stylists.

Who should I bring?

My boutiques are not enormous wedding factories and we have always encouraged small groups, however during the Pandemic we can only allow two guests per bride. We do have some brilliant in store digital access meaning no one will be left out. We have introduced new things that will mean we can totally connect with your tribe – only remotely. 


What size are the samples?
Our store samples come in a variety of sizes but are mostly 12, 14 and some 16s.
What happens if they don’t fit me?

My stylists are fully trained to fit the samples, if they are too big they will be pinned – no bulldog clips here. If they are too small we have ways of leaving the back open but discretely making them look like they fit.

Who decides what I try?

YOU DO ! we like to chat about your wedding style, your feel and then we help you chose. Trusting your instinct is key at this stage. My stylists are on hand to guide you all the way using their skills to help you find the perfect shape, colour and style for your frame.

What prices are the dresses?

The collection starts at around £1,750 and goes up to about £3,500. We are totally transparent about money and ask for you to guide us. We don’t want to put you in a dress way over your price range and ruin your day.

Please bear in mind my dresses are hand made to order modern luxury wedding dresses. Most are made in the UK,  the provenance and ethics of our purchasing is a big deal to us.

We also have an amazing of ex-samples that range from £500 – £1500 so let us know if you want to see those too.


How do I know what size I need?

We take a full set of body measurements, this is the bit most girls hate but it is essential for us to be able to advise your correctly, please relax and trust us on this one. We will chat over the size chart and agree what size to order.

What happens if I want to lose weight?
We do offer a re-measure service about 5 months before your wedding date. There is a tiny admin fee of £10 for this service but it does give most girls a peace of mind if they are looking to get fit and drop a dress size.
When are the fittings?

If you want to have your fittings with us we will book you in about 10 weeks before your wedding ( don’t worry we chase you and we usually book you in up to 5 months ahead).

You will generally only need two fittings and the cost of these will depend on how much work needs to be carried out to make your dress fit perfectly.

Who does the fitting?

You are not obligated in any way to use our fitting service. If you do use it though, we offer a brilliant service with highly skilled seamstresses. You will be seen by our fitter and able to bring one guest. 

What do I need for the fitting?

Please bring your shoes and your bra if you are wearing one.  This is your chance to discuss all fitting elements of your dress. It is serious work and so, we allow one guest to help you and to help keep our fitters focused. 

When do I collect my dress?

As soon as your dress is fitted and finished we will ask you to take her home for safe keeping. This is usually after your second dress fitting and about 2-  3 weeks ahead of your wedding.  We like to help pack your dress in the car to make sure she is all safe and as crease free as possible.

How should I clean and store my dress after the wedding?
We will give you details of a great cleaning company and we sell special Heir loom boxes that we will be happy to package your dress in to.
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