They have finally arrived and are so so stylish. You will have seen them in all the bridal magazines this month being showered with praise for their total gorgeousness and I now have them in store. I dont mind confessing to having a bit of a shoe fettish, you dont receive diamond status from FILIPPA SCOTT unless you have a big range and I think I have them all but a few pairs. Well the new LUXE range is a must have, you see they only make a limited number of each style which made me totally panic when I saw them at the preview. You guessed it I bought a few!! My philosophy is simple, if my brides dont buy them then I just have them, they dye beautifully so I can have them in lots of colours!!!
That said, we put them out on Tuesday and I had to let someone buy a pair on Wednesday, most distressing but they went to a great home…
Pop in soon to see them..
We are also having a sale on all STEPHANIE BROWNE accessories, 30% off listed prices, so some fabulous bargains to be had. THE SALE ENDS 10TH MAY
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