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What Flowers Are In Season For Your Wedding?


As with all produce, it’s always best to work with nature when deciding on your flowers and take a good look at what’s in season. Although even in the depths of winter, you’ll almost certainly be able to import your favourite flower from some far-flung corner of the globe, it will come at a price!

For the freshest and most cost effective flowers, seasonal is the way to go. Our friends at Fabulous Flowers suggest that you speak to your florist a year before your wedding date. You’ll actually see great examples of what will be at it’s best for your wedding, invaluable, especially if you’re not quite a flower-pro.

Get the ball rolling with some of our favourite flowers, when you’ll find them and what you’ll pay for them!

Year Round

£ – Alstromeria, Carnation, Freesia, Gardenia

Floral staples, available all year round and easy to get hold. These reliable flowers are perfect ‘filler’  to compliment your seasonal statements.

££ – Orchid, Bird of Paradise, Asiatic Lily

Tropical flowers are of course imported from tropical climates. Pros are they’re reliably available all year round, cons are due to the challenges of bringing them to the UK, they can be most costly.




£ – Daffodil, Hyacinth, Lily Of The Valley, Blossom

Spring is synonymous with new blooms. So if oodles of seasonal flowers are an important factor for your wedding, you should absolutely consider a spring wedding!

££ – Muscari, Peony, Plumeria

We love the fashionable and fragrant blooms that start appearing in spring! Bigger, luscious flowers sometimes aren’t as long lasting as smaller ones once you get them out of water though.

spring table centre


£ – Dahlia, Gladioli, Sunflower

Unlike the pastel palette of spring, summer blooms can be brights, whites, pastels, whatever you like! It’s a great time of year to create bolder floral designs.

££ – Delphinium, Tuberose, Rose

For a lot of people, tuberose isn’t the most attractive looking flower. It’s popular because it smells HEAVENLY! This is a flower for table displays rather than bouquets.

summer flowers


£ – Chrysanthemum

It will come as little surprise that Autumn doesn’t come with heaps and heaps of seasonal flowers. Have you thought about using more foliage in your bouquet instead? Ivy, succulents and even wheats or grasses can look so dramatic.

££ – Hydrangea, Camellia

A few big, statement blooms mixed in with some of the ‘year round’ flowers can create a more traditional bouquet for brides who aren’t a huge fan of foliage.

foliage flowers


£ – Mistletoe, Snowdrops

We love tiny white flowers for a winter wedding. At this time of year, you can use candles, fairy lights and glittery decorations more heavily in your decor to get away with more understated flowers.

££ – Amarylis, Cala Lily

A statement flower is amazing for structural looking arrangements, but also look so modern and striking on their own. We love a single cala lily as a bouquet with an ultra chic gown.

winter flowers

Once you’ve got your head around what’s in season, better start thinking about the types of bouquet to suit your dress! 



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