P.S This bride should have gone to Ellie Sanderson,
she would not have been wearing this dress on her wedding day if she had!!


It’s that time of year when we reflect on all our gorgeous girls who became a Mrs. this year.
A huge happy first married Christmas to you all; I trust you are now in the kitchen doing domestic goddess stuff to make him realise just how lucky he is!
We also want to thank all the girls who have visited us this year, whether you bought your dress with us or not. You are what makes our job so much fun and so worthwile.
And finally to all our brides who are getting married in 2011; it’s only 7 days till your wedding year and that means lots of fun and excitement.
Have a brilliant Christmas and a huge thankyou from me and the team at Ellie Sanderson for your custom this year.

Merry Christmas
Ellie and the gang x

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