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Go on be honest, how often do you make New Years Resolutions that you simply have no chance of keeping? Getting fit and eating well are always top of my list ( along with being more patient !!). There is no easy hack but there is a way to kick start the healthy eating…..

A number of years ago I met a wonderful lady called Rosie who is based in Oxfordshire and I am happy to say that all these years later she has been at the core of my healthy eating kick starts.

Read all about THE HEALTHY JUICE COMPANY below and if you are in Oxfordshire area give it a go!

The Healthy Juice Company

I have just spent a fascinating morning talking to Rosie, the inspiration behind The Healthy Juice Company and I am buzzing. Rosie set up her unique company 18 months ago and changed direction totally from Catering to juicing. Here I share my chat with Rosie.

 So,Rosie what made you think of such a wonderful idea

I adore food, it excites me and I REALLY enjoy eating (hence I’m no size 8!). I also loved organising events for clients and seeing everything come together on the day, that really thrills me. Producing that special food which will wow guests.

Having been a chef all of my working life has begun to take its toll. Constantly standing in one place for hours on end has caused circulation problems. Also, working under stress due to constant short deadlines – I used to hand make everything from scratch and when working with fresh food, you only have 2 days to work with. Irregular and really poor eating habits such as eating in a rush, eating on the run, eating late and eating ‘grab and go’ food rather than sitting for proper meals whilst relaxing, irregular sleep and pushing through sleep deprivation regularly all took their toll…….no wonder I never felt my best, I just pushed my body beyond what I should have expected of it”


Why did that spur you on to open up your juicing company?

I have always been passionate about all things natural which includes what I put onto and into my body. Nature makes perfect sense to me and it’s only when we take ourselves outside of nature, as our food industry has done, that trouble stirs. The human body isn’t built to deal with all of that terrible stuff contained in some commercial foods today.  I don’t class some of it as fit for human consumption and I feel really strongly about it” 

I have to say Rosie and I could have talked for hours about that, I too feel strongly about diet and preserving our organs to maximise our bodies peak performance.

Rosie went on to share ” there is nothing in my bathroom cabinet from the High Street for example and faced with an illness, I will always try the natural route first without hesitation. Since being responsible for my own shopping, I’ve read the label and have always avoided artificial additives and basically anything I don’t recognise or can’t pronounce. Our body has to process the unrecognisables and it is these, in my opinion, which contribute to some of the modern illnesses which are rife today”

Rosie knew I was not new to Juice cleansing before I did it so I knew what to expect, but so many of my brides wont. So Rosie tell us how juice cleansing came into her life.

Juice cleansing landed at my feet from two directions and I strongly feel that things happen for a reason. Due to digestive issues. I sought the help of leading UK naturopath and master herbalist Philip Weeks, who is also a strong advocate of juice cleansing to help the human body’s natural detoxification process and to improve digestion.

Then one of my dear American catering clients asked me if I could provide a juice cleanse for herself & a group of friends. This saw me doing a huge amount of research and also taking a trip to NYC to see what the cleanse companies were doing across the pond as it’s been going strong there for some time.

I had to be honest with Rosie and admit that I struggle to drink the juices available in the high street stores as they are loaded with apples and kiwi to make them palatable but they are beyond sickly sweet.  I don’t really want that extra Fructose in my body and I know that is the reason I loved my cleanse The Healthy Juice Company.  These great juices are available readily in the States and Oz but somehow us Brits don’t have them. Until now !!

It made me think of all my lovely brides who try and do a massive keep fit / get healthy before the wedding and Rosie let me in on a little secret.

This amazing lady is currently working on a Bridal Juice Cleanse – think glowing skin, lots of energy and clear white eyes.

If you want to know more about it, drop Rosie an email and tell her we sent you.


Ellie x






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