The Healthy Juice Company and me


The Healthy Juice Company and me

New year, New Years resolutions, I am sure that most of us made some.  Those who know me well, know what a total foodie I am and how I  rarely eat anything that isn’t in my opinion healthy, notice I said rarely. I try to eat a healthy and mostly raw diet but I have to put my hand up and say I probably enjoy too many glasses of wine and I am a real cheese-aholic.

So, I decided to detox to kick start a healthy new year. In the past I have been on detox holidays but this time I decided to try a new approach and do a detox/cleanse at home. A friend had told me about a wonderful company that cold press juices that are packed full of nutrients and here is the best bit – they deliver to your door like the milk man!

So I signed up for a three day juice cleanse with The Healthy Juice Company. To be honest the ethos and production of the juices kinda had me at HELLO. The website is brilliant and so easy to navigate and there is a brilliant little video explaining why the juices are the best and packed with all you need to give your health a massive boost.

Juice cleansing isn’t a massive commitment, it is a short term commitment to abstaining from solid foods. Three days of your life is nothing and to be honest I found it really painless. Its all about the preparation, removing caffeine and alcohol from you diet the week before helps massively because your body has less toxins to clear. The cleanse is designed to aid toxin elimination whilst resting the digestive system and providing an abundant supply of live nutrients which the body craves. Energy usually used for digesting is then redirected to other areas of the body which require attention, allowing regenerating and healing processes to take place.

Without doubt your body goes through various stages, the hunger is fairly non existent as the juices are very filling, then there are the huge amounts of water that you drink. I honestly didn’t feel hungry but I did miss the emotional connection with cooking and eating. That said, I saved money on my food bills and gained about 6 hours in three days where I relaxed and read – double bonus.

Day one was easy but by day Two I had a headache hovering but lots of water, fresh air and a bath soon calmed that.

To let you understand these little glass bottles are packed full of therapeutic juices and milk nut combinations, they are to be taken in a definite order to aid the bodies natural toxin elimination whilst filling you up with lots of nutrition.

By Day three I felt good, my sleep was better and I felt lighter, less bloated and my jeans were noticeably looser. I have to say I jumped out of bed each day to go and get my little box of bottles, all chilled and in a carry box that I just took to work. They even give you cool little straws so its a lot of fun drinking them.

I know you are all desperate to know if the juices were tasty, and I wont lie. If you haven’t had pure, organic cold pressed juice before you are in for a surprise, they are no where near as sweet as the over sweetened ones you buy on the high street which are loaded with apples to sweeten them up.  I loved the taste of every Nut milk but especially the Chai Almond milk. I also loved about 90% of the juices and in particular the Capsicum cooler – pictured above.  I did struggle a bit with the green ones with wheatgrass but I drank every mouthful anyway,  In my mind I reminded myself I was taking medicine for my body.

Brides always want to look fantastic on their wedding day and I have to say this is a brilliant way to do that. A small commitment, not a massive expense and the results are not just physical but mental. I feel thoroughly proud of myself and its given me a big boost to keep going.

Keep checking back this week as I share with you the interview I had with the wonderful Rosie, the inspiration behind The Healthy Juice Company.


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