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p.s A happy piccy of me on my holidays.( bit of a windy day for my hair though!)
What a hoot, I have just checked last month’s stats for visits to the blog and thought I would share some of it, it is really funny and tells me a lot about the brides that visit our site.
65% of visits are between 12.30 – 1.30pm , so that will be lunchtime then or just before when hunger and boredom are setting in !
35% of you girlies visit us on a Monday morning – feeling blue, not wanting to work but rather to keep thinking wedding thoughts. I so hope the boss doesn’t catch you.
Most of you read all about Suzanne Shaw’s Wedding Dress!! Even one and a half years later..
(She got married in a SASSI HOLFORD, just in case you can’t find the entry!)
We have had over 200 visits a day for 5 minutes each, almost 17 hours of reading my gossip daily, hopefully in your lunch break.
Finally a whopping 35% visit about three times a week.
My God, I am flattered and I am horrified as I am often told off for spelling mistakes by Miss Bea ( I had no idea so many people read my blog) must try harder.
So ,with that in mind, I would love to play some interactive chat, please email me below any questions or comments about ELLIE SANDERSON or even suggestions on how we can improve and let’s chit chat.

Pop Blog Question in the subject box and email me directly at es@elliesanderson.com

p.s thanks for following us, you can catch us on facebook too, just follow the link FACEBOOK


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