So, you’ve got that ring on your finger, you’ve just about recovered from all the celebratory champagne that’s been drunk and your dream venue has been booked, so now’s the time to start the search for your perfect wedding dress – but how do you know which bridal shop is right for you?

Raising a toast to celebrate searching for a wedding dress

‘Cheers’ to finding the perfect wedding dress at your perfect bridal shop!

Maybe you’re itching to fill your diary up with trips to as many different boutiques as possible to try on ALL THE DRESSES (sounds fun, but totally not recommended. Too much choice will make your brain spin), or perhaps the very thought of shopping for your wedding dress brings you out in a nervous sweat and you’d just like to get the whole process over with, thank you very much! Either way, buying your wedding dress is a big deal – one you deserve to enjoy from start to finish – so it pays to do a bit of research to work out what bridal shop could be the one to help you find ‘the one’.


If you’ve got a relative or close friend who has recently got married, pick their brains to find out which bridal boutiques they really rated. These people know you better than anyone else, so can give you some honest feedback about which bridal shop is right for you. We love how many of our Ellie Sanderson brides come to us thanks to recommendations from their nearest and dearest. It’s the biggest compliment we could wish for.


OK, so we don’t want to brag but we are super proud to have hundreds of 5-star reviews for both our Ellie Sanderson bridal boutiques in Beaconsfield and Woodstock. Online reviews give you a fantastic idea of what real brides really think of the service and care they received on their wedding dress buying journey. Find a boutique then Google the life out of it to work out if it’s for you. Social media is another great place to find some honest reviews too.

Find out what real brides really think of different bridal boutiques

Real brides have ‘been there, done that’ so make sure you read their reviews


While location isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker (we’ve had brides travel from all over the UK to get their wedding dresses from Ellie Sanderson) if you don’t like the idea of travelling too far for your bridal gown appointments, then it’s best to have a search in your local area. Both our Beaconsfield and Oxfordshire boutiques are easy to get to, and no matter how far you travel to come and see us, we promise it will be worth it!


It’s important to have an idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding dress before you start trying things on. There’s no point falling in love with a £5k gown when your budget doesn’t stretch that far, unless you fancy downscaling the 4-course, sit-down wedding breakfast meal for crisps and dips…

We like to be completely transparent about the prices of our wedding dresses here at Ellie Sanderson, so you know what you’re trying on matches up with how much you want to spend. Our collection ranges in price from £1,750 to £3,750, with the average dress price being around £2,450.


Does the bridal shop you’re looking at offer in-house alterations, or will you need to take your dress somewhere else for this service? At Ellie Sanderson we take a full set of body measurements (not as scary as it sounds, we promise!) to help you pick the best size gown, then offer follow-up fittings to make sure your dress fits like a dream for the big day.

Also, if you love the idea of having a really unique wedding dress, we offer a bespoke fitting service for all of our stunning Suzanne Neville and Sassi Holford gowns. You can read a bit more about this luxury service here.

Bliss wedding dress by Suzanne Neville

We can work with you to create your dream bespoke bridal gown


Are you thinking chic, tailored sophistication, floaty, fashion-forward boho or glamorous Disney princess vibes for your big day? Working out what kind of style wedding dresses you are drawn to, as well as the style of dress that will suit your venue and overall wedding feel, is a great starting point to help you pick the perfect bridal boutique.

Think about the kind of dress style that’s your go-to for special occasions – what suits your body shape and what makes you feel amazing? Head to Pinterest and have a scroll through the thousands of gowns there (warning: prepare to lose significant chunks of your day as this is addictive!), then you might start getting an idea of which wedding dress designers you are drawn to. Ellie Sanderson is one of the top stockists for some of the best bridal designers from around the world. Our Beaconsfield studio is perfect for timeless, classic, sophistication, while our Woodstock studio has a dreamy collection of relaxed, bohemian gowns – something to suit every bride we think.

Jesus Peiro wedding dress

If you’re a fan of classic style you’ll love our Jesus Peiro wedding gowns


Finally, when it comes to picking the right bridal shop it really does all come down to how you feel stepping into the boutique. You need to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible when making such a big decision, so look for a bridal shop that gives you a warm welcome, delivers exceptional, hands-on service and has a knowledgeable team who are as excited as you are about finding your dream dress. At Ellie Sanderson we want you to walk out of our boutiques feeling on cloud nine – it’s our job to make you feel special. Book an appointment with us today, we can’t wait to meet you!

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