The lovely team over at Confetti & Cocktails have written a fab blog post on how to research for a good bridal boutique. It can be so overwhelming out there when you start your dress search so we hope this will help you! We’re also hoping we tick most of the boxes!!!

How to research a good bridal boutique by Confetti & Cocktails:

The buying of the right wedding dress is without a doubt one of the most important decisions of any wedding. The choice on the market is huge and brides these days often visit upwards of 4 shops before making their choice. But how do you know a good bridal shop? Here are our top tips to find the best in the business:

  1. Word of mouth – talk to friends and see where they got their dress or if they have any recommendations. They will tell you horror stories and it can save time! Good and bad service gets talked about so find out what they thought.
  2. Social media – look at shops that are near to you and on social media. Facebook is a great way to see examples of designers they stock, and also reviews from previous customers. If customers take time to leave reviews, you know that they are good!
  3. Bridal magazines – firstly you’ll get ideas of designers you like. Then, you can research boutiques that stock them, and how they rate on the web. Designers are savvy – they won’t let their dresses be sold by shops that are poor in service – they will be representing their brand!
  4. Wedding Shows – any shop that is serious in the industry will be at the big shows. The National Wedding Show is without a doubt the biggest in the UK. Stores will have a selection of the dresses they sell, and you’ll get a chance to speak to the team and book an appointment. Some shops, like the award winning Ellie Sanderson, will even have dresses there you can try on the day.
  5. Awards – the wedding industry loves an award ceremony, and there are plenty out there! Search for previous winners as this will show you who is top of their game in the industry. Awards rarely lie, and repeat winners are definitely worth visiting!award logo1
  6. RBA (Retail Bridalwear Association) – a good wedding shop that is established and worth its weight will be a member of the RBA. This means they are underwritten and if the worst happens to the designer of your dress, the insurance covers the cost. The best bit? It’s free when you buy from a RBA accredited shop! So check out their members – only the best of the best get in.



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