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Oh my god, my lovely, special and wonderful boyfriend proposed to me last week. So I am now getting married. I said yes when I managed to stop crying. The darling that he is had my ring made in the wonderful Jewellers across from my shop http://www.bradleysfinejewellery.co.uk/
It is totally amazing and I love it.
I am now reading wedding magazines through tinted spectacles now, loving YOU AND YOUR WEDDING the most I think http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/, The only scary bit is the chat rooms, so many people chatting about me………..had to pass a comment or two. mind you all nice things being said.
So, what dress, that is a toughie. I am not deluded into wearing anything that I sell as they are for gorgeous young girls, I am a gorgeous older girl!!! and I fancy a very informal wedding. I do have a few favourites with Stephanie Allin http://www.oneandonly.co.uk/,
and Sassi Holford http://www.sassiholford.com/. I would love to say which, but my husband (!) to be reads my blog, so my lips are sealed.
I am also loving the new limited edition LUXE shoes by Filippa Scott,http://www.filippascott.com/, and with only 50 pairs of each style made I have to decide which to have. but that would mean buying the shoes before the dress which I know is wrong. I am definatley having a Polly Edwards hair slide, so beautiful and elegant.

So who knows, my head is in a spin but I am also sure that if SASSI can make a gown for Autumn Kelly , she can run up a gorgeous little understated number with full SASSI corset for me…
am very clear on one thing… after 40 LESS IS MORE X

Dont you think he looks like George Clooney ???


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