Its all about the underwear!


We spend hours talking about bras, boobs and corsets. Four or five bra choices seem to be the norm these days for girls to bring to their dress fitting. Stick on, Spray on, push up, separate and don’t show at the back, the list of requirements is endless as the styles we choose to wear down the aisle become more daring.

The bottom line is this, a corset will hold you in place but a great bra will lift you up. Some girls simply need both and some girls don’t.

Backless dresses are totally jaw dropping but the reality of wearing one is that you can’t wear a bra and the dress cannot be pulled or anchored back to give you support as there is no back to do this with. Seems obvious to us but its often crushing news to many of our brides and so finding the right bra to make this possible is almost like finding POKEMON.

I have trawled website after website looking for the bra or body to do this job and do you know what – I think I have found it, I am totally smitten with this label and collection of wonderful lingerie.

The Lingerie label is ENDER LEGARD and whilst these little darling undergarments are far from cheap they will be your best ever investment.

Utterly brilliant looking cool with a sexy edge they will offer bust support with no back. In fact they are the work of a genius. Click here to take a look. ENDER LEGARD  Backless, front less, strapless, the list is endless.

So to all you lovely Brides to be out there with boobs hankering after a backless dress …… You may still go to the ball.


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